The call notification integration is a great way for Lily to assist you and free you from a lot of manual work. It does so by identifying who is calling and directs you straight to the contact’s page, all in the notification that shows when the call comes in. Also, all incoming calls will be logged automatically in the activity stream so no need for you to manually add notes. With this feature, Lily helps you focus on having personal contact with your customers and providing them with the information they need.

Before you start with this guide, make sure you have:

  • An active VoIP account from a provider* we integrate with
  • An active Lily account

Step 1: Retrieve personal Lily API token

  • Go to
  • Click on the circle / your profile picture in the top-right to access the submenu.
  • In the submenu, click on My API token.
  • When the field API token is empty, click on the green ‘Create new API token’ button.
  • Copy your newly generated API token**.

Step 2: Link your VoIP telephony platform with Lily

  • Log into your VoIP telephony provider’s platform.
  • Go to ‘Call notifications’, under ‘Admin’.
  • You’ll see a price notification. Select ‘Yes, I am sure’ to continue***. 
  • Click on ‘Add’ and enter a description, for example “Epic Lily integration”.
  • Under ‘Service’, select Lily.
  • In the field ‘Lily API token’, paste your API token that you retrieved in Step 1.
  • Press ‘Save’.

Step 3: Add your internal number to Lily

  • Go to
  • Click on the circle / your profile picture in the top-right to access the submenu.
  • In the submenu, click on My Profile.
  • Under ‘Internal number’, add your internal number or the number of your VoIP account. It consists of 3 or 4 digits and it’s probably the same number as your desk phone.
  • Don’t forget to press the ‘Save’ button.

You did it! 👏🏼 Your Lily environment is now linked to your VoIP telephony platform. Now you’ll see notifications popping up in your browser whenever you receive a call and all calls will be logged automatically. If you’ve missed a notification and picked up the phone, but still want the info: no worries! You can use the Caller Info button at the top of the page. 

*: Contact us to find out if we integrate with your VoIP provider.
**: Your API token is personal and should be kept secure. Therefore we highly advise to only share it within your organisation and services you want to connect with Lily.
***: Fees for the integration may differ per VoIP provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my calls being logged automatically?
Whenever you receive a call, your VoIP telephony platform will trigger an event to Lily. Once you’ve added the phone number of the caller to Lily, that event will be shown as a call log. Call logs are shown in the activity streams under Accounts and Contacts that are linked to the phone number.

Does every user need to go through this guide individually?
Nope! Even though your API token is personal, this new functionality is turned on for you and all your colleagues in Lily once you’ve completed the guide.

Why am I not receiving call notifications?
There are a couple of possible reasons why you’re not receiving any call notifications. First of all, make sure everything has been set up correctly by following the step-by-step guide above. Then, check if your browser is set to allow notifications. You can do so by opening Lily and clicking on the padlock icon. You can find the padlock icon on the left side of the web address bar. Set ‘Notifications’ to ‘Allowed’. Next, make sure your internal number is set correctly. If you’re still having issues, please contact us by using the chat in the bottom-right.

Example of the Secure padlock icon in Google Chrome.

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