• Sometimes Lily wouldn’t correctly detect the full size of an email and showed emails smaller than they should be. We’ve raised the default height so no more awkward scroll bars for you.
  • All admins can now see which colleagues have enabled two-factor authentication and which haven’t yet. Now you can easily see who’s got their security set up.
  • The email address field on the login screen is no longer case sensitive.
  • We’ve made it more clear to see when you’re trying to use an internal number that’s already in use by a colleague.
  • Our email messages (welcome to Lily, invitation email, monthly invoices, etc) got a long deserved makeover. They now look beautiful and more like they were actually sent by us.
  • Using the automagic button to look for data when filling in an account’s website wouldn’t properly return special characters. Characters such as “é” and “$” are now retrieved properly.
  • Suggestions to merge an account or contact are now also shown when filling in an already known phone number.
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