• Social login is here! Use your existing Google or Microsoft account to create and log into your Lily account. It’s easier, safer, and removes the need to remember another password. If you already have a Lily account, you can use it straight away when the email address of your Google or Microsoft account is an exact match of the email address you log into Lily with. If you’d like to log in with speed and style, read more about it in the blog.
  • Besides social login, we’ve also made a lot of improvements to the overall registration flow. These are small steps in a straightforward process to make Lily even more accessible.
  • We’ve sprinkled a bit of magic dust on our phone integration: when you click on the notification of an incoming call, Lily will automatically search for company info such as company name and email addresses. You’ll be surprised how many times Lily can find something and it sure helps your team to easily add new accounts! Be sure to read all about it in the blog: It’s a kind of Phone Magic.
  • A lovely well-needed update was given to the design of all the emails we send out. Hello lovely Lily design and colors, goodbye ugly plain-text email messages!
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