1. Log into Moneybird.
  2. Go to Settings (click on the cog-icon in top right menu).
  3. Open the Developers tab.
  4. Click on Create API token.
  5. Name the API token, for example: "Lily integration"
  6. Select option "API token for an external application".
  7. A field with "Callback URL" will pop up. Copy and paste https://app.hellolily.com/api/integrations/auth/moneybird as the Callback URL.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Once saved, Moneybird will show the API token and its credentials. Keep this screen open as you need these credentials for the next steps.
  10. Now, open Lily on a new screen and go to Integrations -> Moneybird -> Credentials
  11. Enter the Client ID and Client secret, shown on Moneybird's screen (from step 9).
  12. Administration ID can be found by opening your administration in Moneybird and copy the set of numbers from the URL. Go to Administration -> Select administration and look at the URL. For example: https://moneybird.com/123456789. 
  13. Only copy the set of numbers (which are bolded in the example above), go back to Lily and paste it in the Administration ID field.
  14. Click Send and everything is set correctly.
  15. Moneybird will ask for your permission to authorize Lily. Click Authorize to do so. 
  16. To import your contacts from Moneybird into Lily, go to Integrations -> Moneybird -> Import contacts. Click Import Moneybird contacts.
  17. Lily will import contacts from Moneybird.
  18. Also, Lily will synchronize contacts information with Moneybird at all times.
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