What is Lily?

In short, Lily is a CRM (Communication Relationship Management) system focused on Businesses serving other Businesses (B2B). However, Lily will convince you she's capable of doing a whole lot more.

Your first steps

To start, you can use Lily as your company's address book. By adding the businesses and customers you're in touch with as Accounts and Contacts, you'll have an address book. Once you add an Email account, it becomes interesting. You can now email directly from Lily and the email communication will become visible as an historic timeline. This timeline is available on the Account/Contact details page linked to the addressed email address.

What can be achieved with Lily?

Gaining control over all the work and staying on top of it, is one of the greatest feelings you can achieve. You can't complete the huge pile of work that's still left, but now you finally realize it's alright. It'll be a huge relieve when you can trust Lily to remind you of work on the day it needs to be done instead of you trying to remember everything. 

Your mind, time, energy, and skills are required for the actual work and help serving your customers.


The dashboard is your personal overview of what needs to be dealt with. Thanks to the several available widgets, you have insight in the current Cases, Deals and Emails that require your attention. 

Once you're fully up to speed with Lily, you'll probably fall back on the dashboard a lot. Besides work that's assigned to you, you could even take over work from colleagues by selecting their name in the person selector. 

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